Intensive Block Course

APRIL 2019

Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th April.

(April holidays we are only offering 1x week of Block Course)

Streamline Swim Academys three day long Intensive Block Course provides your child with the perfect opportunity to develop and strengthen their swimming ability. 

These lessons run for 25minutes, have a low 1:2 ratio and are held over three days in the morning; depending on the level at which your child is swimming.  At a cost of $60 per three day Intensive Block Course,  $100 for two weeks (6 lessons in total), $150 for three weeks (9 lessons in total)

Perhaps your child is new to the aquatic environment, timid, or struggling with new skills?  Reinforcing these skills one day after the other helps children to gain more confidence, learn faster and improve their fitness level due to the repetition; making our Intensive Block Courses a great choice for any level swimmer.