How big/deep/warm are you pools?

We have two pools; one big pool and one small pool.  Our big pool is 18m x 8.6m.  At the shallow end the big pool is 1.2m deep and gradually deepens to 1.5m deep.  This big pool is regulated between 29-32degrees dependent on the season.   Having a deeper end to our pool supports swimmers to develop their water safety skills by reducing a false sense of ability.  Our small pool is 6m x 8.6m with a deepth all around of 900mm.  This pool will be kept between 32-33degrees.


How often are lessons?

Generally children enrolled in swimming lessons attend once a week, however you can book your child in for as many lessons as you desire.  Children enrolled in our Active programme attend swimming lessons twice a week.


What are you ratios like?

With our Preschool and School Age classes we have a ratio of 1:5, however we try our best to keep class sizes to 4 students.  The smaller the class size the better the overall learning for each swimmer.  You can find the rest of our ratios here. 


How long are your lessons?

Our lessons run for 25minutes, allowing for 2.5minutes at the beginning and end to get into the pool or for parents to ask a quick question. 


What age should my child begin swimming lessons?

Our Parent + Baby classes begin from 3months, however you can start familiarising your baby with water earlier than this at home with lots of baths and waterplay.


What happens as my child progresses?

Streamline Swim Academy see value in progression and will recommend changes to ensure progress is maintained.   Throughout the programme children are continually assessed and will be moved up once they have achieved the level goals requirements.


How do you reward and encourage students?

Achievement is acknowldged in the form of a high quality certificate (one certificate for each Level; Wonder, Courage, Explore, Challenge and Active).  Smaller stickers are awarded and can be placed onto the certificate once they are ready to progress to the next stage within that level. 


Do you teach all ages and abilities?

Yes from baby to adult, beginner to advanced. However when a student can swim all the strokes well and wants to takeup swimming in a competitive mannor we encourage them to join a swim club to be coached.  Our role is to lay the foundations.

Classes are designed to be ability appropriate – so everyone can feel confident in their ability to learn at the pace that works for them, rather than feeling thrown in the deep end. 


Two Children and only one parent?

We understand it can get tricky juggling more than one child at the best of times!  Our outdoor environment certainly helps; your children can play outside in our fenced outdoors environment while their siblings attends their swimming lesson.  

If you are required to swim in the pool with your baby, but have another child under 5 waiting for their lesson they will require someone to supervise them while you are in the pool.


What time should we arrive?

Being prepared for swimming lessons is just as important to the swimmer as it is for the instructors.  Children need to be dressed and waiting on the seats with their goggles and cap for the instructors.  For this to happen we recommend arriving at swimming lessons 15 minutes before your session so your child has time to get changed and go toilet.

If children are late or unprepared this holds up the instructors from beginning and is unfair on the rest of the class.


What do I do if my child is sick?

If your child has had diarrhoea or vomiting in the past 48 hours he/she should not attend lessons. Equally if he or she is suffering from a severe respiratory illness it is advisable not to attend lessons. Please notify us on phone 022 394 8194 if your child is going to be absent.  We offer a maximum of 8 lesson credits per year for any absences related to illness.

If your child has a serious illness or injury such as chicken pox or a broken leg, you will be asked to provide a doctor’s certificate and we will discuss the course of action to take. 


What should my child wear?

Swimmers must wear tight fitting togs, preferably one-piece togs for girls and speedos or tight shorts for boys (jammers are a good option).  We request no baggy clothing to be worn, as this creates drag, adversely affects stroke technique, and can be very distracting for our swimmers.  Swimming caps and goggles need to be worn also, as this is hygienic, aids in concentration due to limiting hair and water in the face and also helps maintain water quality.  Goggles help to increase a childs comfort, relaxation and orientation in the aquatic environment.  Goggles encourage the child to submerge and allow them to open their eyes and ascertain their position under water clearly.  Goggles do serve as a swimming aid, and our instructors work alongside the children to make sure they do not become reliant on them.  

Swimmers that are not toilet trained must wear a aqua nappy (regular nappys are not to be worn).

Swimwear and gear can be purchased from our store.


Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we sure do! In our private lessons, we work one-on-one with swimmers to jump start their swim skills, refine their stroke or overcome anxiety in the water.  Private lessons are also great for swimmers looking to catch up or get ahead.  The instructors are able to concentrate on the needs of the individual swimmer and tailor the lesson as needed; leading to a better learning environment and often results in quicker progression. 

We recommend private swim lessons if your child:

  • Has trouble focusing in a group environment

  • Has certain learning disabilities or physical challenges

  • Wants to jump start their swim skills

  • Has had a traumatising experience in the water.


Can we pay weekly?

Yes!  We offer multiple payment options; weekly/fortnightly/monthly Automatic Payment, Direct Debit, or Efptos/Credit/Cash at reception. All that is required is that your account stays 4 weeks in advance at any one point.


Who do I speak to if I have questions that are not outlined above?

First and foremost, your instructor knows your child best.  If you have any questions regarding their progression, or anything lesson related they should be your first point of call.  If you want to have a chat about your account please see our Finance Manager Rebecca, and if you want to discuss your enrolments, feedback or just want to check in please see Holly, our Business Manager.  

Otherwise please feel free to contact us at we check our emails frequently.